SeeClickFix Groton


Is there a problem with Groton’s roads, sidewalks, signs, buildings, or bridges?

Post it here!

Potholes? Unplowed roads? Missing street signs? Litter? Dark street lights? Trees in power lines?
See it, click the Report tab on this page or on your cell phone, and let’s see if it gets fixed.

Do NOT use SeeClickFix for an emergency or any life-threatening situation such as downed wires, blocked streets, or anything else that could be dangerous. Call 911 or the Groton Police at 978 448 5555.

How SeeClickFix Works

  • Register for a free account on See Click Fix, so all agencies know that you’re a real person and can reach you if they need more information about a problem.
  • Download a SeeClickFix app for most smartphones from your brand’s application store or go through
  • The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and several town that neighbor Groton have their own watch areas, so feel free to list problems when you’re outside the town limits. But to see those, you may need to load a different map/watch area that includes territory outside the Groton town limits.