Mar 142015
Recall Affidavits For All Five Groton Selectmen Are On The Street

On Friday the 13th, Jane Bouvier decided she had had enough. She pulled paperwork, affidavits, to recall all five Groton Selectmen from Town Clerk Michael Bouchard. She isn’t working for or against any individual, she emphasized — she wants to offer residents a choice and the only way to do that is to provide an opportunity to send a signal to each selectman.

Mar 112015
Haddad Requests Degen Investigation and a Police Guard

Groton’s Monday night Board of Selectmen drama series continued March 9, when Town Manager Mark Haddad asked the Board of Selectmen to investigate its chair, Josh Degen, for taking some unspecified actions possibly related to Article 4 on the Spring Town Meeting warrant, a nonbinding resolution asking the Board of Selectmen not to renew his more »

Mar 082015
Cable Advisory Committee Rejects Four Corners Sewer Video Funding

Groton’s Cable Advisory Committee took two steps toward damping down the flames around “videogate,” the procurement and finance questions concerning a $6500 “informational” video about a proposed $3M+ sewer for the Four Corners commercial area at the junction of routes 225 and 119 and Sandy Pond Road. Selectman Anna Eliot apologized several times during the more »