Mar 042015
Dear Editor: What Has Changed On Board Of Selectmen? Someone Stood Up and Said "No."

Dear Editor, In a recent Letter to the Editor, the writer (Selectman Stuart Schulman — Ed.) observes that: “…our Board’s tendency toward disharmony began exactly, almost to the day, when … stepped down nearly 3 years ago.” and asks: “What’s changed?” To offer an appropriately concise response to an overly simplistic implication: What has changed more »

Mar 042015
Tumultuous BoS Meeting Approves Retroactive Funding For Sewer Video; Degen Walks Out In Protest (Updated)

Monday was a long day, a really long day, for Groton Selectmen Anna Eliot and Josh Degen. Things started off Monday morning when they apparently had a screaming argument in Town Manager Mark Haddad’s office — Eliot reportedly accused Degen of improper collusion against her effort to commission what she said was a $3,000 “informational” more »

Mar 022015
Dear Editor: What's Changed On The Board of Selectmen?

The first Groton Board of Selectmen that I became aware of consisted of Bob Ricciardelli, Bob Hargraves, and Arthur Blackman. These men had disagreements, often emotional, but I don’t remember anyone opining that the Board was “dysfunctional”. The streets got plowed after a snowstorm, the bills got paid, the budget was balanced, and unexpected emergencies more »

Feb 282015
Guest Editorial: Mediator Needed; Apply Soon ... Please!

This editorial, by Russ Harris, co-editor of The Groton Herald, ran in that paper this week. It is reprinted here with his permission and encouragement and with the strong endorsement of The Groton Line editorial committee. — Ed. Even though every member of the Board of Selectmen deserves our thanks and respect for their service more »

Feb 202015
Check It Out: Local Journos, Peak Potential, and Mae West

This year’s Groton READS book is Following Atticus: Forty-Eight Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship by Tom Ryan, a 2011 memoir. All are invited to read the book (copies are available for check out) and take part in the many Groton Reads 2015 activities. The first two programs are: Groton READS: Local Journalists more »