May 242015
Terrance Kane — A Memory That Won't Fade Away

If you work in journalism, every once in a while a story pops up that affects you in a personal way.

This is one of those, a Memorial Day quest by a soldier looking for information about another soldier, from Groton. Terrance Kane is someone whose memory will never fade away for some, but who is also a person whose past in Groton is hard to find and define.

Mar 302015
An Essay On Fire Safety: Smoke and CO Alarms Save Lives

(Groton Fire Chief Steele McCurdy worked with and coordinated several Groton Fire Department staff to produce this article.) By now I am sure most of you have heard about the tragedy in Brooklyn, New York, where a swiftly growing fire killed seven siblings ranging in age from five to sixteen. Their mother and fifteen year old sister escaped more »