Feb 282015
Guest Editorial: Mediator Needed; Apply Soon ... Please!

This editorial, by Russ Harris, co-editor of The Groton Herald, ran in that paper this week. It is reprinted here with his permission and encouragement and with the strong endorsement of The Groton Line editorial committee. — Ed. Even though every member of the Board of Selectmen deserves our thanks and respect for their service more »

Apr 012012

Imagine our surprise when we opened The Groton Herald this week to see that it had devoted nearly a full page of its slim edition to an unsigned, misinformed attack editorial. Under the guise of what the piece called “community journalism,” The Groton Herald managed to both attack the publication and staff of The Groton Line, yet never mention us or our online news site by name.

Let’s set the record straight on a number of the editorial’s points. First, we understand the impetus was their staff’s fairly recent discovery that the paper’s management had failed to follow basic business and technology standards.