Kasia Jezak

Jun 112015

The school year ended on a sweet note for Groton-Dunstable Regional High School band and chorus students, when they presented an annual concert in the Performing Arts Center in late May. The night’s lineup started with performances by the band, chorus, and drum corps. After a ten-minute intermission, the jazz band and chamber chorus performed, and combined for the evening’s last song wrapping up an evening that featured a wide spectrum of genres spanning jazz, gospel, pop, and funk.

Among the students who performed were sophomores Melissa Elmali and Sadie Mallozzi. Elmali has been singing since the fifth grade. This is her second year taking chorus at the high school. “I’ve been enjoying chorus a lot,” she said. “I’ve really liked the songs we do, and everyone is really supportive of each other. Even if you don’t feel confident in your singing, everyone in the class really does their best to help you improve.”

Elmali was one of four people to have a solo in “Famine Song.”

“Getting an entire chorus, especially one as big as ours, to all sing the same vowel is a really big challenge,” she said. “Also, for my solo, I had to hold out notes for a very long time, which took weeks of practice to get right.”

Mallozzi has been playing the clarinet since the fourth grade and faced difficulties in preparing for the concert as well.

“I always suffer from stage fright, It’s gotten easier as the years go by, but it is still something I have to overcome.”
Elmali plans on continuing with chorus throughout her next two years of high school. “I’m actually trying out for chamber this year! Hopefully I’ll get in!”