May 312015

I offer my gratitude to the town of Groton for electing me to serve a second term as Selectman.

I owe a great deal of thanks to many many people for making this happen, but above all I would like to thank each and every voter that came out last Tuesday and participated with their vote. This was certainly a spirited election. The candidates for both School Committee and Selectmen offered distinct and well defined positions. Every vote mattered because each one carried a message. I think that this year, those messages were especially loud and clear. Election results are like tea leaves, and one can make of them what they like, but the great thing about a democratic election is that, in the end a candidate is selected and we move on from there to the mission of serving the town. In the best of cases, the chosen candidate will remember what they heard along the way. I will do all I can to contribute to that mission, and to remember those messages, as I work for another 3 years as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

I would also like to say that I was heartened by the support that I received, especially in the last few months, encouraging me to stay the course, and on election day as people that I have never met felt compelled to stop and tell me why they voted as they did. To those of you that provided this input, you will never know how important those bits of support are, and again, I thank you. I encourage all of us to do more to provide feedback to our elected representatives. No matter what the message, as long as it is sincere and respectful, I think that it makes for a better town and it let’s us know that the work that we do is meaningful.

Lastly, to the Herald and to The Groton Line, thank you for your work to keep us all informed. I hope that you will hold us all accountable in the years to come, sparing none of us should we falter, and recognizing our efforts should we succeed.


Jack Petropoulos