Apr 172015

Ninety Groton-Dunstable elementary school students from Florence Roche and Swallow Union schools proved that “Science is Fun” at the second annual Groton-Dunstable Elementary Science Fair. Everyone from both schools, in grades K through 4, was invited to participate. The scientists created projects at home and prepared oral and visual presentations to be presented to judges during the Science Fair.  All students received a Recognition Award after completing three presentations to different judges.  Trophies and prizes were awarded to the top three presentations in each grade level.

Once again, judges volunteered their valuable time to be a part of the Fair.  Judges included high school students, high school teachers, middle school teachers, parents, and other people that wanted to be a part of the Fair.

Again this year, the students amazed the judges with their creative and interesting projects.  From “DNA Extraction of Strawberries and Blueberries” to “What Type of music does my parakeet prefer?” to “Air Pressure science (aka. Deflategate).”  It was a difficult task for the judges to score with so many excellent presentations.  Scores were very close!  In fact, in one grade level, the difference between 1st place and 3rd place was only 0.8 points our of a possible 450 points.

Student School Grade

Grade K

Elizabeth Bailie SU 1
Ellery Kolodziej FR 2
Ashvik Yadav FR 3

Grade 1

AnaRose Martel FR 1
Nate Dyer FR 2
Owen Eastman FR 3

Grade 2

Campbell Twitchell FR 1
Ellison (Ella) Fosberry FR 2
Bryson Pittenger SU 3

Grade 3

Ryenne Barros FR 1
Timothy Dufresne / Gergo Furesz FR 2
Laci Turner FR 3

Grade 4

Benjamin DiCicco SU 1
Annika Scully SU 2
Savannah Carpenter / Nithila Krishnakumar FR 3

The Science Fair Team that created, planned, organized, and executed the event included:  Bob Herrmann, Crystal Herrmann, Deb June, and Mark Kahwati, and Carl Prestia.  All are parents of elementary age students in either school.  The Team’s main goal of the Science Fair was “To motivate and encourage the students to want to learn more about science and to feel proud of the work that they accomplished on their projects,” while living up to the motto of “SCIENCE = FUN”

Judging by the smiles on the students and the excitement in the air, it is believed that the main goal was attained and that the students had fun.  You never know if the next Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, or Marie Curie may have gotten their first “spark” in the gym on this snowy Saturday afternoon.

The Science Fair Team wishes to thank all that helped make this a successful event:

  • All volunteers (set up, clean up, check in, ushers, food/drink, etc.).
  • Florence Roche PTA and Swallow Union APT for their sponsorship, communication/marketing, and assistance.
  • Principal Liz Garden, Principal Peter Myerson, and all teachers and staff for their support, encouragement, and assistance.
  • Judges for their valuable time.
  • All parents of participants for encouraging and guiding their students.