Apr 172015

car-seatOK, it’s a kid’s car seat. How hard can it be to use it correctly? You could be surprised… but it’s better not to be.

You can check things out this Saturday, April 18, when Officer Omar Connor of the Groton Police Department and Firefighter/EMS Paul McBrearty of the Groton Fire Department host a free Child Car Seat checkpoint on at the Groton Fire Department’s headquarters on Farmer’s Row from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The car seat event is the perfect opportunity for parents and caretakers to have their child’s car seat checked for a variety of safety factors including:
• Proper installation
• Determine if this is the proper seat for the child’s size and age
• Check for manufacturer recalls
• Check the car seat’s age and expiration date

For more information, call the police department at 978 448-5555.