Feb 182015

Dear Editor,

The Groton Finance Committee is obligated by the Groton Town Charter to select two members for the Groton Town Charter Review Committee. The work of this committee will begin after the 2015 May Town Meeting.

We have decided to invite a qualified member of the public to be one of our designates. I encourage your readership to accept our invitation by sending their information to Patricia DuFresne at pdufresne@townofgroton.org.


Member of Groton’s Town Charter Review Committee, selected by Finance Committee


To clarify the roles and responsibilities of elected officials and appointed officials and the separation of powers under the Town Manager form of governance; to identify modifications that would improve the functionality of the Town Manager form of governance; and to identify legislative tightening that would be required for effective continuation of the Town Manager form of governance.

Fiscal Experience
· Ability to review Groton’s Charter to determine if current fiscal checks and balances are sufficient or if additional divisions of responsibilities are required.
· Candidate should have Company/Municipal experience in finance and administration and have an understanding of best practices. Senior level experience is desired.
· Must be able to assist in creating clear definitions of roles and responsibilities as required.

Civic Awareness
· A fundamental belief that an effective Charter must benefit all residents within the Town of Groton, and that the Governance of Groton as established by the Charter must uphold this as a paramount part of its mission.

Fact driven and Open-minded:
· An individual who seeks out knowledge from reliable, 3rd party sources to help validate existing Charter protocols, define better methodologies, and redefine roles and responsibilities.
· Willing to look at the effectiveness of the entire Town Charter including potentially contentious areas of the document.
· Awareness of any personal bias and ability to put personal agendas aside.

· An ability to look backward to understand and appreciate Groton’s history.
· An ability to look at current happenings to assess the effectiveness of our current Charter.
· An ability to assess the Charter against a reasonable vision of the future of Groton.

· Proven ability to work effectively with team members and assist in creating a culture of calm and efficient collaboration.
· Ability to communicate effectively to fellow committee members and the public.

Thank you very much for allowing us to reach your readers with such an important opportunity for the public.

Best regards,

Barry A. Pease
Member, Groton Finance Committee