Jul 282014

The Tarbell School building is for sale again. Could it become a charter school?Art Campbell | The Groton Line

The Tarbell School building is for sale again. Could it become a charter school?

Dear Editor:

As the Realtor responsible for the expanded marketing of town owned properties, I am trying to explore all options for the reuse of the Tarbell School.

This visually striking building was born as a school in 1914. Now, 100 years later, can it be reborn as a school? A charter school? A charter school for the arts? I don’t pretend to understand the financial, regulatory, and political hurdles that would be encountered, but this idea has been enthusiastically received whenever I have sought the opinions of others. It would take an extraordinary partnership of parents, educators, investors, and developers to make this happen, but Groton has all of those ingredients! And I imagine that Edmund Tarbell (1862-1938), a noted impressionist painter born in West Groton, would have approved.

Take a look at the website for the Gate City Charter School for the Arts in Merrimack, NH.: http://www.gatecitycharterschool.org

In less than two years, this has gone from a vision to a reality. They have an authorized enrollment of 140 students in grades K-6 and now have a waitlist for their opening this Fall. (Coincidentally, the Tarbell School has a brand-new septic system designed for 140 students.) The mission of the Gate City Charter School for the Arts is to use an arts-integrated curriculum to educate all interested students in grades K-8, to produce graduates who excel in both academics and the arts and have the knowledge, creativity, and inquisitive nature that foster a lifelong love of learning.

I will gladly answer any questions and open the building for inspection if anyone is interested.

(The Tarbell real estate listing is available online. — Ed.)

John H Carver, Broker-Owner
eRealty-MA, LLC
56 Mclains Woods Road