Jul 082014

With one eye on weather radar displays and periodic checks with meteorologists, Groton fireworks organizers and the police and fire departments sneaked the town’s 2014 fireworks display between thunderstorms Monday evening. The music and food part of the celebration started a little late because of lingering storms at 6 p.m. and accelerated by the rush of another line of storms blowing in to town at 9 p.m., the usual 15-20 minute fireworks barrage was compressed to about 10 minutes to get all the starbursts in ahead of mother nature’s giant sparks.

“We probably had about 1200 people come out last night for the fireworks,” organizer Patrick Kiley said. “Atlas fireworks put on a great show, and even though everything went off earlier than expected, we were able to get all of the show in that was planned. We hope that people enjoyed the show and the festivities, and that they will come back next year (without the rain)!”