Jul 052014

The Groton Conservation Trust has received a $14,000 grant from The Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts to start an invasive species management program at its Shepley Hills / Bates Land property. The grant funds a GCT proposal with three goals:

  • To restore the ecological integrity of the system, creating a small but viable native species preserve
  • To evaluate different control technologies appropriate for use by conservation land owners
  • To involve a group of volunteers in the effort

“The grant committee was impressed with scope and comprehensiveness of the project and the fact that it will be sharing the results of the study with other land trusts,” Phil Grzewinski, president of the foundation, said.

According to a news release issued by the GCT, “It is this last goal that the Trust envisions as a critical link in the success of managing invasive species. The project will help the GCT educate the community about the complexities involved in land conservation. While many feel that preventing development and establishing conservation areas protect a region’s biodiversity, it is increasingly clear to the Trust that more active management is required. Through this education, the GCT can keep the community apprised of the changing goals and needs in land management.

We are also committed to sharing the results of our study with other land trusts and plan to clearly mark the study area for others to visit and evaluate. This dissemination of information to other organizations is a critical component of this project. This issue confronts all land managers in this area, both public and private, and an exchange of ideas and an evaluation of efforts to meet this challenge will be critical to addressing this problem.

For more information on this project, please contact trustee Mark Gerath at Gerath@gctrust.org.