Jun 262014

All members of Groton' s Fire Department were sworn in as employees on Tuesday eveningTown of Groton

All members of Groton’s Fire Department were sworn in as employees on Tuesday evening

All of Groton’s call and full time firefighters were sworn in as employees Tuesday evening to confirm their annual appointments, the first time the ceremony has been conducted.

Town Clerk Michael Bouchard conducted the swearing in. The ceremony was closed to the public because it was part of a town department meeting, he said. The meeting included a question-and-answer session with town administrators and selectmen. It was also the first meeting or program in the town’s new Central Fire Station on Farmer’s Row — a tour of the station was part of the evening’s agenda.

“It went great!” Board of Selectmen Chair Josh Degen enthused. “I thought it was a huge morale booster. I was happy to look every single one of them in the eye, and I did, when I spoke to them. I told them that we can’t do this job without you. That they’re an integral part of the department. And that full time officers and call firefighters are equal in my mind and in the board of selectmen’s — that collectively, ‘You are the fire department.’ As far as I’m concerned, I don’t differentiate one from another. It needed to be said.”