Jun 202014

Hans Hielscher performs on the UCC's Estey organ on Sunday

Hans Hielscher performs on the UCC’s Estey organ on Sunday

Organist Hans U. Hielscher will present a concert at the Union Congregational Church, Sunday, playing the church’s historic 1932 Estey pipe organ. He will perform music selected to show the symphonic voice of the large Estey organ. Composers include Alexandre Guilmant, Théodore Salomé, Josef Rheinberger, Noel Rawsthorne, Albert W. Ketèlbey, Noel Goemanne, and Franz von Suppé.

The performance is jointly sponsored by the Union Congregational Church, 220 Main Street, Groton, and the Estey Organ Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont. The concert begins at 4 p.m.

Hielscher has been Director of Music at the Wiesbaden, Germany, Marktkirche, the Lutheran Cathedral, since 1979. From 1987 to 2004 he served as Municipal Organist at the Wiesbaden Kurhaus Concert Hall. Since 1962 he has presented more than 2800 organ recitals throughout the world.

The UCC’s Estey organ was installed as part of a bequest to the church in 1932 from the estate of John H .Robbins, in memory of his father Andrew Robbins. It has 42 stops, 2052 pipes, all concealed, and five divisions: The Great, Pedal and Choir Organs, located behind the front right side wall of the sanctuary, the Swell Organ located on the left side, and the Echo Organ and Chimes, in the back of the sanctuary. The organ cost $10,575. In 2009, after 77 years of service, the organ was restored by the Andover Organ Company.

The Estey Organ Museum, located in a part of the original company buildings in Brattleboro, works to preserve and celebrate the heritage of the company. From its founding in 1846 until the company closed in 1960, some 520,000 reed organs were built and shipped all over the globe, as well as 3200 pipe organs, and, in the years before it closed, and unknown number of electronic organs. Further information about the museum made be found at www.esteyorganmuseum.org.

Admission to the concert will be by free-will donation. A brief reception will be held following the event.