Jun 202014

Dear Editor,

This is to thank everyone who participated in Groton Greenway River Festival 2014. Nice weather and a turnout of over 600 people were instrumental in making the event a great success! Barbecue by the Groton Firefighter’s Association was a new feature this year.

The festival is a great way to introduce new residents to the Nashua River and it’s rich and important history. For other residents it is an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful resource. We are indebted to those who through their contributions make this festival possible and free to the public! The River Festival Committee would like to thank our benefactors: Groton Trust Funds Lecture Fund and Hollingsworth and Vose; and our patrons Bemis Associates and Groton Cultural Council. We’d also like to thank our sponsors: Groton Wellness, Lawrence Academy, Groton Market, Groton Veterinary Hospital, Moison ACE Hardware, Dr. Andrew P. Zale, DMD, and Front Door Realty.

The festival was also made possible due to those who contributed their goods and services. Deluxe For Business provided parking, Buckingham Bus provided shuttle service, Nashoba Paddler, LLC donated free canoeing, Craig Gemmell and Groton School provided time and material for construction of 50 bluebird houses and also provided tables and chairs, Michael Connelly of Ducks Unlimited took attendees on boat tours to Fitch’s Bridge, Eric Semple volunteered to provide and run the sound system, Shelley Grove and colleagues from Groton Community School donated materials and creative expertise to nature crafts, the NRWA allowed space for planning, Brad Paul provided storage space, and Becky Carson provided graphic design services. John Wiesner and a group of children from the Florence Roche School provided music, as did the jazz band, Simply Dave (David Fitzpatrick, Evan Cao, George Botev, Jared Dorff, Kyle Griffiths, and RJ Murray). Luth Family Karate provided demonstrations of martial arts. Joni Parker-Roach of NOA gallery made a nature weaving and Dimitri Tripodakis juggled.

Finally, we would like to thank those who provided exhibits and our volunteers. Exhibits included: Trout Unlimited, Michael Veit on native bees, the United Native American Cultural Center, Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife was there with live snakes, The Groton Trails Committee, the Nashua River Watershed Association had touch tanks of river critters, Groton Local, the Groton Historical Society made ten site-specific historical markers, Groton Grange and the Groton Conservation Trust.

Volunteers included: Patrick Daly, Gabriel Quinn, Jacob Quinn, Jessica Miller, Jim Peregoy, Pat Donohue, Jeanne Niemoller, John Niemoller, Eric Semple, Laura Semple, Isabel Stanley-Kemler, Fran Stanley, Tom Lamont, Alison Dolbear, Katy Sutton-Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Stephanie Brown, Gale Devens, Terri Martin, Barbie Becher-Pyles, Colin MacInnis, Linda Kosinski, Bonnie Stanto, Jacob Llodra, Ian Peterson, Charlene Kelley, Steve Legge, Rachele Carbutt, Kelsey Whalen, and Lucas Moisson.

In addition, thank you to everyone who participated and pitched in to help who we did not name here individually but is very much appreciated.

The Groton Greenway River Festival Committee
Adam Burnett, Pete Carson, Diane Carson, Carol Coutrier, Russ Murray, David Pitkin, Bobbie Lamont, Celia Silinonte, Marion Stoddart