Jun 112014

Expect Boston diners on the road to Gibbet Hill ...

Expect Boston diners on the road to Gibbet Hill …

Perched at the top of Thrillist’s best “restaurants outside of Boston” list, rolled out this morning, is Groton’s Gibbet Hill Grill.

The Boston edition of the national recommendation site (“we don’t write reviews, just recommendations,”) says the local favorite is:

Nestled in the rolling hillsides of Groton, this bastion of farm-to-fork goodness from Chef Tom Fosnot is part of the 300-acre Gibbet Hill Farm compound. They source as much produce as possible (heirloom tomatoes, peppers, onions, greens, beets, etc.) from their own fields in order to forever alter your conception of freshness with creations like warm asparagus with poached egg, potato crisps, and (of course) house-cured ham, or a farro-stuffed pork loin with wild spinach and parsnip purée. A root cellar and Winter greenhouses expand their growing season to bring you year-round New England flavor.

“I am seeing all kinds of comments that lead me to believe our Grotonites are very proud to have this distinction!” Amy Severino, spokeswoman for the Webber Restaurant Group, wrote in an email.