Jun 102014

June 9, 2014
Chief Joseph Bosselait
Town of Groton
173 Main Street
Groton, MA 01450

As I have been notified that I will not be reappointed to my position, I hereby submit my notification of retirement as Deputy Chief of the Groton Fire Department, effective July 1, 2014.

I have been a firefighter for the past 39 years, giving 33 years to the Town of Groton, and 19 years as your Deputy Chief. I have seen the department rise from an all on-call department to what it has become today. I have always given my best to the town with honesty, loyalty and dedication. I wish you well, be safe.

Clarence E. Jefferson
Deputy Chief — Groton Fire Dept.

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Deputy Fire Chief Clarence Jefferson for his many years of service. You did not deserve to be treated this way, after dedicating three plus decades to keeping this town, its residents and its fire fighters safe. We have truly lost a great leader and asset to this town’s public safety services, someone whose experience and dedication cannot be replaced. It was both a pleasure and honor to work with you.

It’s a shame that the Groton Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager lack the fortitude to deal with the issues plaguing the Fire Department and chose instead to publicly deny that they even exist, and now have taken action against the very person who has been holding this Department together for years, in order to placate a small group of miscreants, who have harassed and harangued anyone who dared speak out against them for years.

For months, department members have been begging the Town Manager to take action and correct the problems that exist. Instead, they were mislead and lied to, and completely sold out. They were promised anonymity in this fraud of an investigation, and were not given it, leaving them all in a very precarious position, and here is the result.

To date you have lost 10% of the department, I imagine that number will rise in the next few days and weeks. Not to worry your town manager and selectman have assured you that “there is nothing to worry about” and “all is well in the kingdom” when if fact it clearly is not.

And now they have sent the clear message to anyone on the department that might have spoken up, past, present or future: “We got to him and we will get to you too. If you want to keep your job, shut your mouth.”

Like so many other “scandals” in town, the selectman and the town manager would desperately like this to be swept under the rug and just go away. I just have one question for them. How many? How many resignations and terminations will it take before you listen? Or are you just content to continue to allow this department to implode? The decisions that you, the selectman and Town Manager, have made are going to lead to bad things, and when those things happen, and they will, it will be you who will be to blame. Because you had the chance to make this right and you blew it.

The Groton Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager should be ashamed of themselves. They have done this town no favors. I only pray that the bad decisions you have made thus far do not result in a terrible tragedy.

Jim Horan
resigned, Groton Fire Department June 5, 2014