May 302014

Kevin Kastning

Kevin Kastning

Kevin Kastning may be the best-known Groton guitarist you probably don’t have on your playlists. But if you’re near a computer or Internet radio node this evening, you can tune in for a live interview with him at 6 p.m. on Public Radio International and let him add your to his international list of fans.

According to a media release from WHFR in Detroit, DJ Tom Wilson, “Will be interviewing this incredible artist, Guitarist Kevin Kastning, Friday May 30th on the “Space is the Place” program (6 -8 p.m. EST) at (Detroit) MI, Public Radio International. Please join me for this exciting interview of one of America’s most critically acclaimed acoustic guitarists.” The radio station broadcasting the interview is at

What does he play? It’s actually a difficult question, but part of the answer is what instruments he plays. “I perform and record on instruments of my own invention. My main strument is the 36-string double contra guitar. And I also record and perform on the 30-string contra soprano guitar. I can tell you it’s played on modern classical radio shows, it gets played on some jazz stations, it even gets played on new age and world music shows — so it’s kind of an amalgam of all that,” he said.

He draws creativity from, “Mostly composers. Bella Bartok, Schoenberg, Shostakovich; and a lot of early music guys, like pre-15th or pre-16th century,” Kastning said.

Kastning’s website is at