May 282014

Dear Citizens of Groton,

We are writing this letter in response to a recent article in The Groton Herald. We, the undersigned, call and full-time members of the Groton Fire Department, wish to reassure the Groton community that we are totally committed to serving you. In the light of this article, we feel it is necessary to assure the public that our motivation as call and full-time members is the same – to help people. The public should be aware that our service has not been and will not be compromised.

None of us were asked by the editor of The Groton Herald, who wrote an inflammatory article about our department, what our input was on this topic and we feel it is necessary to set the record straight.

There is no question that successfully integrating a combination department is not easy. There are challenges that face every organization and change can be very hard for some people to accept. We have found that the best way to overcome these challenges is to work together to try to solve them. Unfortunately the article we refer to was filled with factual inaccuracies which made it very misleading and our fear is that it could erode the confidence of the public.

In closing we want to reiterate that we will continue to train hard and work even harder side by side to serve you.


Diane Aiello
Joshua Andreasen
Geraldine Armstrong
Evan Boucher
Joseph Bosselait
Bradley Cain
Daniel Coelho
James Crocker
Michael Culley
Timothy Cunningham
Christopher Curtis
Susan Daly
David Dubey
Jonathan Duffy
Heather Emslie
James Emslie
Travis Gray
Benjamin Grigglestone
Stephanie Hamelin
Tony Hawgood
Luke Heinser
Shawn Hunter
Mark Imbimbo
Heidi Januskiewicz
Jeremy Januskiewicz
Clarence Jefferson
Kenneth Lefebvre
Geza Lengyel
Michael MacGregor
Andrew Mahoney
Frank Mastrangelo
James Mazzola
Paul McBrearty
Matthew Pisani
Elizabeth Reeves
Tyler Shute
Daniel Temple
Robert VanSchalkwyk
Joseph Walter