May 272014

Dear Editor,

A few days ago in Commonwealth Magazine’s “Daily Download,” Gabrielle Gurley wrote an article titled “Martha Coakley and the “inevitability thing.” Below is the second paragraph from this article. I believe it speaks for itself:

Coakley’s most recent campaign finance misstep was eminently avoidable. However, the failure of the state’s chief law enforcement official to provide timely reimbursement of campaign travel expenses to state coffers makes her an easy target for Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates alike.

Since when (and why) do incumbents get to use the resources of the Commonwealth for political purposes? See paragraph 2 below. This is basically a no-interest loan to the incumbent’s campaign from the government — an advantage that a challenger does not enjoy. NO incumbent (or bureaucrat running for elective office) should have this advantage, whether they are dogcatcher or President, and no matter what party they belong to.. It only becomes worse (as in the case of Martha Coakley) when they fail to pay back the “loan.”

We hear talk about Obama’s presidency being the most transparent administration ever. Well, I guess that we can all take a joke now and then. That this opacity and dishonesty seems to have spread through all levels of the once-noble Democratic Party is not a good sign. To those who point out the sins of Republicans, I can only say that yes, they are fallen humans just like we all are. It’s just that the Democrats seem to have brought these sort of sins to the level of a practiced art form while Republicans just bumble along committing the occasional bit of corruption.