May 202014

The John Crow Farm bankruptcy proceedings, which have left hundreds of members of the community supported agriculture (CAS) effort owed about $165,000 for undelivered food, started in Worcester on Monday. Trustee Anne White is examining financial records of Robert Varisco, co-owner of John Crow Farm, but that she has not found money or assets consumers could tap.

John Crow Farm operated on leased land on Old Ayer Road in Groton; Varisco’s court papers list him as a Fitchburg resident. After several years of operation, it abruptly stopped delivering meat and vegetables this March.

A large, vocal, group of people who have been touched by the bankruptcy are organizing around, and communicating through, a Facebook group, What happened to John Crow Farm?

The Cambridge Day hyperlocal is covering the story because of the large number of CSA subscribers in Cambridge and Somerville. The site’s latest story is reprinted here with permission: