May 182014

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to show my support for and to make some comments on the candidacy of James Gmeiner of Groton for Water Commissioner. I have known and worked with Jim for over 20 years during my years as Town Treasurer and presently serving as a Sewer Commissioner myself.

As a Sewer and Water Commissioner. Jim has been dedicated to the job of providing guidance and assistance to the citizens of Groton for many years. Over the years he has always approached his positions with knowledge and professionalism. Jim was instrumental in working out a sewer debt refinancing plan that was approved by town meeting and now the Sewer Department is debt free and financially secure. When the town combines the Water and Sewer Departments in the near future into a single enterprise, his knowledge and ability will surely make for a smooth transition.

Please join me on Monday May 20th and cast your vote for James Gmeiner for Water Commissioner.


Tom Hartnett
41 Martins Pond Road