May 142014

Chickopee Row brush fire site

Chicopee Row brush fire site

Groton Fire Chief Joe Bosselait celebrated his birthday Monday (May 12) afternoon orchestrating the Groton Fire Department and crews and equipment from seven mutual aid towns and the state forestry department in a battle to put out a wind-stoked 4-5 acre brush fire in the woods and meadows between Chicopee Row and Martin’s Pond Road.

No property was damaged in the fire, although two firefighters sustained minor injuries. One house was threatened by the fire, Bosselait said, but firefighters formed a defensive perimeter to protect it. The alarm was called in about 4:30 p.m. and the fire was out by 8 — it was important to kill the fire quickly he joked, because he had a birthday party to attend.

Dry material from last fall and winter fed the fire, which burned several trees top-to-bottom at the edges of the burn. Fresh green spring grasses kept the blaze from moving across sizable meadows, Bosselait said. “If it hadn’t been for the winds driving it as hard as it did, we wouldn’t have as big a challenge,” he said.