May 052014

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to let people know why I am supporting Anna Eliot for Selectman. I first met Anna as a member of the Planning Board. As a life long resident of Groton, she brought historical perspective to our discussions of new developments, changes in zoning and long term planning. She is passionate about supporting what is best for the Town and residents.

Anna is very supportive of businesses in town and has always brought that perspective to our Special Permit and Site Plan review process, when she was a Planning Board member and now as the Board of Selectman representative. She worked very hard and was instrumental in the creation of the Station Ave Overlay District and later the Town Center Overlay District. As a member of the Board of Trade, she hears from business people in Groton and is able to bring their concerns and thoughts to her work as Selectman.

I have always admired Anna’s dedication and commitment to Groton and it’s residents, she listens to what people have to say, works hard on their behalf and is committed to making Groton a great place for it’s people, families and businesses. As with all towns, Groton is changing, it is a different place from when I moved here in 1991, and from when Anna was a member of the Pony Club. I can think of no better person to help guide those changes then Anna Eliot.

Carolyn Perkins