May 022014

Memorial Day Ceremony On The Mound in Groton CemeteryArt Campbell | The Groton Line

2013 Memorial Day Ceremony On The Mound in Groton CemeteryMemorial Day Ceremony On The Mound in Groton Cemetery. (Click for a larger image.)

Bob Johnson, Groton’s Veteran’s Affairs Officer and Memorial Day Parade Adjutant is sounding the “Assembly” bugle call to signal local bands, marchers, and troops to assemble for this year’s parade.

Assembly, from the Bugle Calls by U.S. Army Bands

“Groton’s annual Memorial Day observance will be held on Monday, 26 May and will consist of a parade with ceremonies at the Main Street Common, Old Burying Ground, Groton Cemetery, and Sawyer Common,” he wrote in a press release. As always the parade honors veterans of all wars, but this year’s special theme will be the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, the Normandy Invasion. We invite all veterans to join us, whether in uniform or not. (Veterans who wish to participate but are unable to march are asked to contact Dave Elliott at (978)448-6303 to arrange a ride in one of the vehicles in the parade.)”

“Anyone who is interested in participating is asked to contact me so we can work out details. Contact is easiest via e-mail to, but either my Veterans’ Services Officer line at 978-448-1175 or my personal cell phone at 617-513-4484 will also work.”