Apr 082014

Groton Dunstable Alliance for Youth (G-DAY) has been a source of support in our community for over thirteen years. For the 2014-2015 school year, the G-DAY organization is currently without a leadership team to help continue running this long-standing community organization.

This organization, sadly, will not continue next year without a handful of parents stepping in to lead.

It is our hope that a new, small, group of Groton and Dunstable parents will come together to continue the G-DAY organization. Without leadership and friends to create new ideas, sadly this organization will become dormant in September 2014.

The Groton Dunstable Alliance for Youth group was formed in 2001 in response to results from the 2000 Youth Risk Behavior Survey administered to Middle and High School students under the supervision of the Groton-Dunstable School District in partnership with Emerson Hospital. During every school year, G-DAY members with a passion for their own creative idea involving the community and its children, developed a program, or scheduled a lecture, or secured funding, for the children in our community.

Over the past 13 years many programs and events were created by G-DAY parent members: Community Reading Day, Safe Homes Initiative, Teen Anxiety and Depression Learning Sessions and Panel Discussions, Collaborative Problem Solving parent info nights, Community Circle discussion programs, Developmental Assets Initiatives, Red Flags books, Parent Book Groups, Rachel’s Challenge, the Parent to Parent Network, and the Half Day Initiative. It is our hope that a new handful of parents steps forward to continue the great work of G-DAY in our community.

It’s a wonderful way to gather with friends and community members who are interested in sharing a passion to support our student community. If you are interested in leading and recruiting a group of friends for an easy and fun way to give back to your student community, please contact Betsy Dolan at elizdolan@gmail.com.

Betsy Dolan