Apr 012014

Town Meeting and You from Alan Foulds on Vimeo.

A half hour video that introduces the key features of Massachusetts town meetings, “Town Meeting and You,” will air on the Groton Government Channel throughout April, beginning Wednesday April 2.

Hosted by award-winning TV anchor R.D. Sahl, “Town Meeting and You” is a production of the Massachusetts Moderators Association. It can also be viewed at www.massmoderators.org. Town Moderator Jason Kauppi coordinated with The Groton Channel’s Program Director, Bob Colman, to arrange the program’s broadcast prior to the upcoming Spring Town Meeting, scheduled for April 28 at 7 p.m. at the Middle School Performing Arts Center.

The Groton Government Channel is on Charter Channel 13 and Verizon Channel 41. Click here to see The Groton Government Channel schedule.