Apr 012014

Waving &quit; Yes&quit; vote supporters work outside the polls on Main StreetArt Campbell | The Groton Line

Waving “Yes” vote supporters work outside the polls on Main Street

Results Update

Results of Tuesday’s override vote to exclude fire station construction costs from the local tax levy, freeing money under the limit for use by the schools, show that the single question passed by a large margin — 1439 Yes and 579 No, or 71% to 29%. Twenty seven percent of Groton’s 7615 eligible voters participated.

“I am very happy to hear there was such great voter turnout,” School Committee Chair Alison Manugian said. “I’m pleased with the results of today’s ballot. Because of the results, voters at Town Meeting will have the opportunity to provide funding for the municipal and school budget needs. Securing the requested funding for FY15 will prevent additional cuts to our school district.

“I encourage everyone to support the SC budget as we move forward. I anticipate more opportunities to understand these complex issues in the coming weeks. Attendance and participation at town meeting is the next milestone for Groton residents!”

(There was an error in the spreadsheet we received from the Town Clerk’s office last night and originally published. The corrected numbers appear below. — Ed.)

Precinct 1 Precinct 2 Precinct 3 Total
Debt Exclusion Question
Shall the Town of Groton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of Proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to construct the new Center Fire Station on Farmers Row?
Yes 523 514 402 1439
No 273 168 138 579
Blank 8 7 3 18
Total 804 689 543 2036

The 27% turnout was significantly higher than Town Clerk Michael Bouchard’s early-in-the-day estimate of 20%.
West Groton, Precinct 1, had a slightly higher turnout than Precincts 2 and 3 and passed the override by a slightly smaller margin.

Precinct 1 Precinct 2 Precinct 3 Total
Turnout 30% 27% 22% 26.7%
Total Voter Population — March 12, 2014 2662 2521 2432 7615
Total Votes Cast 804 689 543 2036

Morning voters stop by Precinct 3 at the Prescott School BuildingArt Campbell | The Groton Line

Morning voters stop by Precinct 3 at the Prescott School Building

The $9M fire station on Farmers Row is currently being paid for with regular tax revenues and is scheduled to open this spring. The change in financing to a debt exclusion would let the town pay for the station using a different financial mechanism. If the debt exclusion is approved, the change would exclude the $448,000 annual payment from the town’s tax levy limit. Those funds could then be used as part of a solution to a projected budget deficit in the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District’s Fiscal Year 2015 proposed budget.

The vote adds $. 29 to each $1,000 of property tax levied on real estate in Groton, which adds up to about $116 on the average tax bill, a spokeswoman for the Town Manager’s office said before the vote.

Download the official results.