Mar 252014

Dear Editor,

This Tuesday’s April 1st special election is critical for the immediate future of our schools as well as for the town in general.  By excluding the outstanding fire station debt from the provisions of Proposition 2 ½ additional capacity is made available within the levy limit to meet the assessment of the regional school district for FY ’15.  A great primer on what this all means has been prepared by Selectman Jack Petropoulos and can be found on the town’s website by clicking on the ‘budget central’ link.

The request to exclude this debt is the result of a comprehensive approach to meeting this need that was crafted by the Town Manager, Selectmen, and the Finance Committee.  Many hours were spent looking at ways to trim the municipal budget that retained essential services and considered budget implications going forward.  It is also recognized by your municipal leaders, as well as the School Committee and administration, that we need to continue working on projecting what budget requirements will be in future years. We need a model of sustainability that does not require frequent trips to the ballot box seeking additional resources above and beyond what is allowed under Proposition 2 ½.

The Selectmen and Finance Committee unanimously support a ‘yes’ vote at the April 1st special election and encourage townspeople to do likewise and support our schools.

Thank you.


Peter Cunningham