Mar 202014

Elizabeth Garside's Tribal Simulations

Elizabeth Garside’s Tribal Simulations

Groton-Dunstable Regional High School senior Elizabeth Garside has been awarded a National Gold Key from the Scholastic Art Awards for her Digital Art, according to G-DRHS art teacher Jon O’Conner.

Her “Tribal Simulations” and “Poison Dart Frog” both earned a Gold Key at the regional level in February. “Tribal Simulations” was subsequently juried and awarded a Gold Key at the national level.

About a quarter of a million pieces of art work from high schools nationwide are submitted to the competition by teachers each year. Only a few hundred receive national recognition, and the National Gold Key is one of the highest. Winners are eligible for scholarships at many top colleges and are invited to Carnegie Hall in June for an award ceremony. Garside’s work will be featured at the Parsons School Gallery in Manhattan and made a part of Scholastic’s permanent online gallery.

Liz Garside

Liz Garside

O’Connor said, “Liz has taken a number of art courses in her time here. Last year she began to specialize in photography and digital editing and a central theme of hers was dramatic self portraits. I think she was particularly inspired by the expressive makeup and outfits that transform divas in music videos. In looking for new possibilities she found the face paint and headdresses of the Omo tribes of Ethiopia to be particularly compelling.

“She did a series of photos in Design Class where she put on face paint using motifs from Eastern Africa. She spun makeshift headdresses out of fake plants from craft stores like Michael’s and integrated other household decorations. She saw there was further possibility to digitally distort and transform the images, making the work both hypnotic and startling.

“I’m thrilled that her work has been marked for National Recognition. This is a great achievement for Liz. It also reflects well upon GD and speaks to the quality of our programs,” he said.