Mar 202014

The Groton Herald editors almost got you and me last week, folks. If you read its editorial, it cited potential issues with a certain Selectman who is also running for Water Commissioner. I almost fell into their trap, but then gave it some more thought.

We live in a small town here in Groton. Town elections are rarely contested races. We have a difficult time finding folks to serve on our appointed town boards too. I can think of many individuals, including myself, that serve on multiple committees. Until the day and time comes where we have enough volunteers willing to step up and serve Groton, this will continue to occur.

Our Town Clerk has vetted this with our Town Counsel and has cleared this to be completely legal. I think that some things can be done differently at the Water Department. Things like merging water and sewer, exploring an inter-municipal water connection with West Groton, consider opening discussions with the West Groton Water Commissioners to potentially consolidate into one department and other issues too.

Do I know a lot about running a water department? No I do not, but I can learn and apply sound business practices just like I have done while working with my fellow selectmen. If a conflict occurs as may on rare occasion I shall recuse myself from either or both positions as required.

A close friend said to me last week “where Degen goes good government grows.” I hope you agree and I again ask for your support on Election Day, Tuesday, May 20th.

Josh Degen