Mar 172014

Groton Wellness, a growing and vibrant organization consisting of a holistic dental and medical practice, a wellness spa, and cafe, is welcoming a new staff person, Grace Ramsey Coolidge, and congratulating Elisabeth “Libby” Horesh on a new professional certification, the business announced in recent news releases.

Elisabeth “Libby” Horesh Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Libby Horesh

Libby Horesh

Groton Wellness Fertility Clinic leader Elisabeth “Libby” Horesh recently attained professional certification for Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Libby spent many hours on continuing education and passed her competency exam in the fields of both Eastern and Western Reproductive medicine. She is now equipped to help patients with all different aspects of fertility and reproductive medicine needs at the Fertility Clinic at Groton Wellness and frequently treats other Women’s health issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, irregular or painful periods and recurrent pregnancy loss. Libby joins an elite circle of three Chinese medicine practitioners in Massachusetts who are Board-Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Along with leading the Fertility Clinic at Groton Wellness, Libby practices acupuncture and promotes natural healing for a variety of issues from pain management to nutrition.

Groton Wellness Co-founder Jean Nordin-Evans said, “I wholeheartedly congratulate Libby on her certification for Oriental Reproductive Medicine. The Fertility Clinic at Groton Wellness is vibrant and growing and having accomplished leaders such as Libby is instrumental in its continued success and dedication toward helping our community with fertility and women’s health issues.”

Horesh said, “After practicing as a general acupuncturist for several years, I realized that I wanted to specialize in women’s health and fertility. I feel confident that my additional training through the American Board of Reproductive Medicine can help both women and men reach their fertility and overall health goals.”

Grace Ramsey Coolidge LMHC Joins Groton Wellness

Gracey Ramsey

Grace Ramsey Coolidge

Grace Ramsey Coolidge, a licensed mental health counselor, has recently joined the staff at Groton Wellness. With more than 25 years’ experience, Coolidge has woven her stylized psychotherapy practice into an art form that is keenly aimed toward finding the root causes of issues using muscle testing and intuition. She works with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues that get to the root causes of issues in moments, not years, of therapy.

Coolidge holds a Masters in Education from Cambridge College. Her early practice worked with severe abuse, PTSD issues and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Coolidge holds certificates in Process-Oriented Psychotherapy and Dreambody Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Theta Healing, Paradox Management, Medical Intuition, and Flower Essences. She is a 40-year meditator and Reiki Master.

“Grace brings many years of healing wisdom, as well as a new dimension to our offerings through Psychotherapy and emotional healing. It is becoming more and more accepted within the mainstream world of medicine that emotional health and clarity is the most significant factor in healing any illness,” Groton Wellness Co-founder said.

“I’m very happy to be joining the Groton Wellness’ comprehensive health care team,” Coolidge said. “This center uses cutting-edge and pioneering technologies and services. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of a team that is so knowledgeable. I look forward to meeting people in the community and discovering how my skills may aid people’s journeys to their hearts, improved health and well-being.”

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