Mar 152014

Dear Editor,

Do you know the answer to this question well enough to cast an informed vote? If not, don’t be surprised, you are not alone. A large % of the people that attend Town Meeting cannot accurately explain these terms. Indeed these can be complicated concepts and if you are not thinking about this stuff every day it is easy to be confused. But being confused is neither good practice nor is it necessary. These terms, and others like them, are relatively easy to understand if presented in an easily digestible way, in an environment where you are encouraged to ask questions.

Join Town Clerk Michael Bouchard and Selectman Jack Petropoulos in a session where these things are explained in plain English. We will have a brief presentation and then a lengthy Q-and-A session. The environment will be one where no one is expected to come in as an expert, and we expect to explain the same concept a number of times in a number of ways throughout the session.

Two sessions will be offered in the comfort of Sibley Hall at the Groton Public Library: Thursday, March 20th at 7 p.m. and Saturday March 22nd, at 10 a.m.


Jack Petropoulos

Need to learn about town financing and levy limits?

Levy Limits: A Primer on Proposition 2 1 / 2
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