Feb 262014

Several Groton parents have requested a meeting with Groton-Dunstable Regional School District Superintendent Tony Bent to discuss changes to the district’s Kindergarten programs. Bent will hold the open meeting on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 4 p.m. in the old Prescott School building. The main topic is “changing the Kindergarten model to a 2 ½ day program as requested by a group of interested parents,” according to a notice sent out by the school district.

The parents have also been working to get interested people involved. The parent’s email give a bit more detail: “District parents of pre-K children are invited to a discussion with Superintendent Bent and the three district elementary school principals to bring back the 2-1/2 Day with Extended Day Kindergarten Programs to Swallow Union and/or other district schools as requested. A number of district parents with children who’ve gone through the 2-1/2 Day/Extended and the current program believe the 2-1/2 Day/Extended – which equals 3 full days- allows more time for teachers to provide meaningful curriculum in line with the full-day program, a more consistent schedule transition from pre-K to first grade, and more social interaction critical to children at this stage of their lives. The disruptive morning-afternoon midyear switch would also be eliminated. Moreover, the 2-1/2 Day would provide a transportation cost savings of approximately $45,000, and the Extended Day would would generate income for the district.”