Dec 062013

The Groton Recycling Committee is hosting its first Toy Exchange and Holiday Decorations Swap Saturday.

Tessa David, Groton Recycling Committee Chair, explained the idea in an email: “The Groton Recycling Committee started our Groton FreeCycle and then our grassroots, FreeStuff groups to help find new uses for too good to trash stuff. Michelle Lerner, Mike Brady, and Tessa David decided to create the Free Groups in 2004. A timely variation we are hosting is a Toy Exchange and Holiday Decorations Swap at the Groton Transfer Station, 600 Cow Pond Brook Road on Saturday, December 7th from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Often items are outgrown or you are tired of your toys or decorations. So this will be an opportunity to Swap them for others! You can Take or Give and you don’t need to do both. One of our members, Lee Davy, enjoys encouraging recycling and will deliver any left over toys and decorations to those in need, as he often does.”

This Saturday’s event is open to all area residents, not just people from Groton, David said.