Dec 032013

Dear Editor

The Town of Groton has long wrestled with the idea of building a sewer system to serve the Lost Lake area. Among the reasons for considering this work is the concern that house lots around the lake are too small to allow safe placement of septic systems and private wells.

The Lost Lake Sewer Advisory Committee has focused on finding objective data in its effort to understand the need and benefits of a sewer system. One of the data points that we would like to gather is the current health of private wells around the lake.

Accordingly, we are investigating the viability and acceptability of offering free voluntary confidential private well testing to residents that are included in the proposed sewer district. The short description of the plan is:

Residents could volunteer to have private well samples collected by a town representative. Samples would be correlated with one of eight regions around the lake and sent to a state-certified lab. Individual test results would go back to the homeowners and the town would get only an aggregated set of results showing outcomes by region. The town would neither receive nor have access to any record of the lots associated with the results.

There are a lot of questions to be answered and details to be finalized, but at this point we are interested in getting community feedback on this proposal.

Feedback can be provided to the Board of Selectmen by:

  • Sending email to:
  • Calling the Selectmen’s office at 978-448-1111
  • Posting to the Talk About Groton email list: (You need to be a member of this free group to use this method. — Ed.)
  • We hope, by posting this letter here, we will get input from the community that will help us to think of things that we had not considered, and to get an idea of the level of interest in this proposal.


    Jack Petropoulos
    Selectman and
    Chair, Lost Lake Sewer Advisory Committee