Dec 022013
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Last Wednesday, in the relatively quiet anxiety of exam week, I was OD, the LA insider term for the administrator who is “On Duty” on a given night, with the assignment of beneficently keeping an eye on things on campus, mostly on foot, mostly within the main campus buildings and dorms, particularly so as the temperature drops.

Taking the usual path through the gym (“Check that doors leading from locker rooms to rink are locked; turn off interior lights…”), I walked somewhat unconsciously into one of the team locker rooms. It happened to be the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team room, and it was partially dismantled after the end of the boys magnificent run to the New England championship game just a few days before.

At first, I had the predictable feeling of melancholy that the season was over, that the run was over; that it didn’t end on the triumphant note it might have; that the team wouldn’t compete together again—tenacious, spirited, talented, and likable a bunch as they were. But then, my eye caught two posters on opposite walls: “What We Do” and “What We Don’t Do” respectively.

These posters reveal the lasting record of the season: a record beyond wins and losses and title games and a record shared by many different programs at Lawrence Academy, from varsity to thirds, and from athletics to academics to arts. With the coach’s permission, I share with you the photographs I took that night on my rounds.

After the fact, I was told that members of the team literally signed the backs of the posters as a form of contract and unity. Figuratively speaking, many others sign off on and sign on to their contents in the work we do every season and every day at Lawrence Academy. And for that I am truly thankful.

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