Nov 072013

The Sparrow in rehearsalLawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy students rehearse for The Sparrow. The cast includes, backs to camera, Ryan LaPointe (Lunenburg) and Talman Fortune (Gloucester); first row, Lisa Li (China), Conrad Solomon (Groton), Kelly Burns (Breckenridge, Colorado), Shae McDonald (Chelmsford), Sheighla Wall (Woburn), and Abby Bostick (Groton); and back row, Oren Karp (Pepperell), James Finneral (Westford), Travis Anctil (Groton), and Khloe Hartner (Pepperell). Missing from this scene is another local cast member, Katelyn Slaney of Groton.

The Lawrence Academy Theatre Department presents The Sparrow on November 7, 8, and 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center on the school’s campus in Groton.

The play taps into the fundamental aching of adolescence—fearing that we’re somehow different while hoping that we’re somehow special. But that dilemma is especially tough for teenager Emily Book, who returns home after ten years away and turns Spring Farm, Illinois, upside down. Emily is no ordinary high school senior. Can this strange girl be the hero the town is longing for, or will her dark secret destroy them all? Sometimes hilarious and sometimes anguished, The Sparrow plays as part sci-fi, part classic teen movie, and part comic book.

The public is welcome and admission is free.

The Backstage view…

by Katie Driscoll ’17

The Sparrow, Lawrence Academy’s fall term play, is sure to keep you interested all evening. The production is about a girl, Emily Book, the only survivor of an accident that killed all of her fellow classmates, leaves school, and returns to her home town 10 years later to finish her senior year.

Despite her past, a family takes her in and Emily makes many new friends and has several adventures. But she’s hiding a secret—a very dark secret.

LA freshman Travis Anctil said that Emily’s secret has something to do with superpowers (and I wondered what her superpower might be, but I couldn’t get anything out of the cast—sorry guys).

As usual, the play is filled with dedicated and talented people and the students have become a family, working tirelessly every day after school.

Khloe Hartner ’17 said, “I met a lot of new people through this production, which has helped me better adjust to LA. Now I hang out with the drama kids all the time.”

According to senior Kara L’Heureux, “The group of drama kids really get close throughout the play practices.”

For the first time in several years Director of Theatre Joel Sugerman is using a script that the cast didn’t write.

When asked about having a non student-written script, L’Heureux said, “I think that writing your own show is the most rewarding type of theatre, but it also takes so much work. I would understand doing only one self written show a year.

“Also, this script has a lot of room for interpretation, so we are definitely still creating and changing the show.”

So, if you like mystery, supernatural powers, and great acting, come see The Sparrow—it starts tonight.