Oct 292013

GS Bronze Awards for Groton Girl Scouts in Troop 66109

GS Bronze Awards for Groton Girl Scouts in Troop 66109

Groton Girl Scout Troop 66109 thanks the Groton community for its support in helping our troop with Operation Snowflake. This project took place this past December, following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Groton students, teachers, families, and businesses contributed hand made paper snowflakes to our collection boxes around town and at the Main Street Cafe. They were delivered to the Connecticut PTA as a show of support last December.

Julie Sommes, Enya Selders, and Chloe Ashburn have been awarded the Girl Scout Bronze Award for their Operation Snowflake service project. Ninth graderCadette Julia Mendel, not pictured, received a Silver Award. This was an important project for these girls to demonstrate team work, leadership and community involvement in support of the Newtown children in the wake of thetragedy. The girls made, collected, organized and publized this project, and worked with the Newtown PTA to get the snowflakes to the school in a timely manner. The girls also met with local counselors regarding their project, the impacts of violence on our schools, and what they can do to help prevent such violence.

We want to thank you for helping Sandy Hook through your local Girl Scouts – Groton Troop 66109

Leaders Catherine Blast and Deb Mendel
(Mrs. Mendel is Advertising Manager of The Groton Line. — Ed.)