Sep 232013

Groton will receive $5,695 from a $7.3 million state fund that reimburses cities and towns for the costs of the special U.S. Senate elections on April 30, the primary, and the June 25 special general election won by Democratic U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey. Groton is one of 351 municipalities that will share the funds.

Because Groton chose to “piggy back” the special election with a town election, Town Clerk Michael Bouchard said, only a portion of the cost of the combined election is being reimbursed. Bouchard said this spring that the town would save several thousand dollars by combining the two elections.

“Conducting statewide elections are essential, but costly, burdens on our local communities. It is now time for the state to hold up its end of the deal,” State Auditor Suzanne Bump said in a statement.

Bump’s office certifies the costs to municipalities. Secretary of State William F. Galvin will distribute the money to cities and towns in over the next few weeks, spokesman Brian McNiff said. The state Legislature and the governor approved $13.6 million to cover the costs of the election, both municipal and state.

Municipal costs could include pay for poll workers, police details and any possible hall rentals.Bump said the reimbursements range from $234 for Tyingham to $970,398 for Boston.