Aug 202013

This month marks a decade since Dr. Pamela Jarboe saw her first patient and introduced a “different” kind of chiropractic to Groton. From the first small, shared office at the former Forward Motion Health Center to a home-office in the “Red House,” (now Scarlett Hill Farm on Lowell Road) to the white farmhouse adjacent to Gibbet Hill Grill, to her current practice with husband Dr. Stephen Jarboe at 300 Main Street, Drs. Pam and Steve have had the pleasure of adjusting hundreds of individuals and families over the past ten years.

“We started on a really small scale with a shared space. I was only planning to practice two days a week,” Pam Jarboe said. As the demand from the community grew, her practice moved to progressively larger offices, finally landing at 300 Main Street, where her husband, Dr. Steve joined her in 2006, leaving his Bedford, MA practice.

Drs. Pam and Steve practice many highly-specialized techniques that use a minimum amount of pressure on very specific points along the spine, allowing them to safely and effectively adjust even newborns and the elderly.

“When I started here in Groton, nobody I cared for had ever experienced the low-force technique we have come to be known for,” Pam Jarboe said. “We soon discovered how curious and open-minded our community is, and found that when they see the results of such gentle adjustments, some of our most skeptical patients become our greatest advocates. Our practice has grown mostly through word of mouth.”

“More and more people are learning about how chiropractic care can help you stay well,” Steve Jarboe said. “Studies have shown that less pressure on the brain and nerve system can allow the body to function better with conditions like migraines, asthma, high blood pressure, ear infections, and even infertility.”

In addition to all of their efforts to increase the health and wellness of local families, the Jarboes have been very involved in the community, raising two sons, coaching basketball and baseball teams, and organizing fundraising events for the 2012 Groton-Dunstable Regional High School Chamber Choir Olympic Trip. Community Chiropractic also sponsors regular charity events such as a Foodraiser and a Backpack Supply Drive for Loaves and Fishes, a linen drive for House of Hope and a Toys for Tots Drive. They were the recipients of the 2011 Community Service Award from Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as a service award from the Groton Fire Department. They also offer a variety of free wellness classes for the public, and peak performance presentations for local corporations to support productivity and wellness in the workplace.

“We are honored to have had a role in building wellness in our community over the past 10 years and we look forward to helping it become more healthy and vibrant in the years to come,” Pam Jarboe said.

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