Aug 082013

The first reports of bacon and ribs on the hoof surfaced two weeks ago… cyclists, joggers, and runners on the Nashua River Rail Trail were joined on their rambles by smallish Groton residents with curly tails. First it was one big pig and three smaller ones; last weekend eyewitnesses reported two large swine and three small. White and tan, they seemed quite content rooting in the weeds and lolling in the mud and puddles by the side of the trail near the Groton School Pond.

A few reports filtered in to the police department dispatchers. Tom Delaney, the town’s animal control officer, said that he’s intending to look into the mud puddle today (August 8) or tomorrow, and pointed out that pigs of this size aren’t considered dangerous — but can be quite a handful to round up. He allowed that a pork posse may be needed at some point, but stopped short of calling out residents to assist until he can investigate further.

Several residents of the neighborhood said they suspected the pigs were escapees from the John Crow Farm, but no one from the farm returned several phone calls seeking a comment. The farm does clearly state on its web site: ” When it comes to a choice between answering the phone or answering the call from our pigs or cows or ducks (etc.), generally the phone will be handled last. “