Jun 142013

Ginny Bennett, Groton’s turtle steward, sent in a short email update from the roads around Lost Lake:

Last week, during the pouring rain, I was patrolling for turtles on Groton roads, when I came upon this large young lady strolling straight down the road. Now, usually the turtle is moving from one side of the road to the other, but this big mama was going straight down the road. Not knowing where she was heading, and she was surely about to be run over by some vehicle — either upland dirt to lay eggs, or back to Lost Lake, I decided the get out my snow shovel and move her to the closest side, which was wet dirt on the side of a steep hill down to wetlands. After moving her there, I left for ten minutes and came back to see if she did indeed walk down to soft dirt, but she had not moved.

I then slid down the hill, shovel in hand, and scooped her up, and deposited her on the other, lakeside, side of the road. I left for ten minutes, and when I came back, she had disappeared into the lake.

Certainly, that was the most strenuous snapper road crossing ever, as I was wet, she was hissing, the sand bank was steep, and her destination remained a mystery.