Jun 122013

Stacey Strauss pauses with Bosley (l) and Chardee MacDennis, her cairn terriers

Art Campbell
Stacey Strauss pauses with Bosley (l) and Chardee MacDennis, her cairn terriers

Groton’s newest business is going to the dogs — on purpose. Stacey Strauss, of Westford, recently opened her first dog grooming salon, Doodle Doo’s and Dogs Too, at 158A Boston Road, across the parking lot from Johnson’s Drive In.

This weekend, she and her two assistants, Bosley and Chardee MacDennis, her cairn terriers, opened the bright, sunny, space to talk about the business. Originally from Alabama, Strauss has been in Westford for eleven years. Two of her sisters are also groomers, she has a year of formal training, and has six year’s experience working as a groomer in other salons, most recently for four years in Bedford. This a career shift for her, leaving behind 25 years of restaurant management experience.

“I found this little place, and thought it’d be perfect. It was already set up, so there wasn’t a lot I had to do,” she said.

Strauss prefers that customers make appointments but does accept some walk-ins if there are spaces in the schedule. She doesn’t like to keep the dogs waiting in kennels, so she doesn’t overbook, she explained, “I like to only do one or two dogs at a time; I don’t like to have to kennel them unless I absolutely have to. And I don’t keep the dogs all day, because they have to be kenneled. I just keep them as long as I have to — and hour and a half or two hours.”

Strauss grooms all breeds, but has a specialty. “I called it Doodles because… you know dogs that are bred with poodles are called ‘doodles?’ Yorkipoos, cockapoos, you cna go on and on and on — probably 25 to 30 percent of my business are doodles. They’re hugely popular right now. And they’re usually really smart and good dogs. They’re a family dog; lots of them are the perfect dogs for families,” she said.

Her own heart is in the Scottish highlands though — she and her husband Frank foster dogs for the Northern New England Westie Rescue, an organization that helps west highland terriers and related breeds who need homes or other help.

Doodle Doo’s and Dogs Too
158A Boston Road