Jun 112013

If it’s June, it’s reappointment time in Town Hall. Each year, the town manager and the Board of Selectmen ratify multi-page lists of appointments, naming people to hold town offices and to serve on boards and committees — the people who make Groton work. Many, especially appointments of town employees, are made by the town manager; many of these are one-year terms. The Board of Selectmen’s list is shorter and typically includes who will serve on the committees that advise and act for the BoS. These typically have one-year or rotating three-year terms — a third of a committee changes or is reappointed each year for three years. Both the TM and BoS appointments typically begin and end in June, in sync with the fiscal year.

At the June 3 Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Town Manager presented nine pages of names and positions for approval by the Board of Selectmen. The appointments reach into most departments and activities from police officers and dispatchers to election workers, the town fence viewer, harbor master, and employees of the Pool and Golf Center. One change not in the list of appointments below is the reappointment of Groton Herald Senior News Reporter Connie Sartini to resume her post as Town Diarist, but instead of writing alone, she will work in concert with local attorney Bob Collins this year.

The Board of Selectmen’s own appointments, most of them to advisory committees, followed last night, June 10. This list runs over three pages and includes committees from the A to Z — the Affordable Housing Trust to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Lost Lake Sewer committee lives on. The local Cultural Council has no nominees, and vacancies exist on the Finance Committee, the ZBA (for an alternate), and several others. (If you see a vacancy on that list for which you’d like to apply, town officials as you to contact the Board of Selectmen’s and Town Manager’s office at 978 448-1111 or email at selectmen@townofgroton.org. Click to download the town’s Committee Interest Form.

The opening on the Finance Committee vacancy was unanticipated. It was created when 38-year veteran of the committee Michael Flynn decided recently to step down. When his resignation was announced in the meeting, the selectmen and Haddad thanked him for his years of advice and service to the town.

Town Manager Mark Haddad’s list of appointments

The Board of Selectmen’s list of appointments