Jun 052013

Alan and Bernadette Holbrook

Alan and Bernadette Holbrook

The week after Bernadette Holbrook died of Alheimer’s disease, she and her husband Alan, both of Groton, are featured in a WCVB-TV story on younger onset Alzheimer’s.

“Alan Holbrook fought back against his wife’s Alzheimer’s disease the only way he could, He became an active advocate to promote public policy and legislation that would benefit those with the disease. He became involved with the Alzheimer’s Association, serving on its Public Policy Committee. He has frequently testified at the State Capitol and travelled to Washington, D.C. To ask elected officials to support increased Alzheimer’s research funding as well as legislation aimed at improving care in nursing homes and assisted living settings. Last year, he was featured in a video by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about his experience as a caregiver for his wife Bernadette,” wrote Betsy Fitzgerald-Campbell, VP of Communications and Public Policy for the Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter.

(Betsy Fitzgerald-Campbell is also Executive Editor of The Gtoton Line — Ed.)