May 212013



My name is Randolph!

I am an 11 year old greyhound in foster care here in Groton. I’ve been here a few weeks now & the Town seems like the kind of place that I could settle into pretty easily. I recently made the move up from Maryland where I’ve been living in a home with other greys, but the lady that was taking care of us got really sick & she won’t be able to care for us any longer. So, here I am – forced to make a change.

I know I’m not a young guy anymore but believe me I have plenty of spunk! I have much more ‘life experience’ than younger guys! My foster family has a fenced yard that I love to run & play in. I’m a handsome, tall white greyhound with a few large black spots/patches. I am friendly, I enjoy being around people & I love lots of attention & pats. Also, I am tall enough to snuffle my people friends while they are sitting in a chair!

I’ve been to the vet’s office (seems I should have been neutered when I was younger, but now that that’s been taken care of). So, now I am seriously on the look-out for a place to call my own. If you are interested in meeting me & perhaps asking me to consider moving in with you, please contact my foster family. I’d really like to find a place & settle soon.


P.S. Thanks to my foster mom for helping me with this letter! Her name is: Paula Martin & her telephone # is: (978) 448-3464 (evenings).