May 092013

Nashua River at the Petapawag site in Groton by Heather Stoddart Barros

Nashua River at the Petapawag site in Groton by Heather Stoddart Barros

Marion Stoddart, one of the Nashua River Watershed Association”s founders, will celebrate her 85th birthday this May. To honor her, the NRWA invites you to send her your birthday greetings, which we will collect in a book to be presented to her. And if you’d like to include a “present,” we’d also like to invite you to contribute to the Marion Stoddart Greenway Fund.

Marion”s work to restore the Nashua River and protect our watershed has touched thousands of lives over nearly five decades. This is a grand opportunity to say “Thank you” to Marion and let her know what her efforts mean to all of us.

Marion Stoddart

Bob Lotz
Marion Stoddart

Her long-time passion has been to expand and complete the protection of the greenway along the Nashua River and its tributaries. Marion speaks of a vision of sparkling blue water with a ribbon of green alongside it. Currently, 156 miles of riverside greenway are permanently protected, but there is much remaining to be done. Forwarding the greenway vision is an important component of NRWA”s watershed approach to protecting our natural resources.

The Marion Stoddart Greenway Fund is a new fund dedicated to the Nashua River Watershed Association’s programs and activities to expand, promote, and permanently protect greenways along the rivers, streams, and wetlands in the Nashua River watershed; to increase awareness of the role of greenways in protecting water quality and in providing habitat and corridors for wildlife; and where appropriate to encourage the use of greenways for education and recreation.

Contribute to the Marion Stoddart Greenway Fund and add your greeting to Marion”s 85th birthday book.

The NRWA has an online component of this celebration project being run thru Bidding for Good (a charitable e-commerce site)—people can donate to the Fund there, buy a book relevant to Marion (River Ran Wild or Written in Water), and they can bid to buy this painting (at the top of the article), a lovely photograph by Marion”s husband Hugh, or even a vintage National Geographic with an article about the restoration of the Nashua River.
Shop for these items or make a contribution at: All the proceeds from the Bidding for Good component will go to the Marion Stoddart Greenway Fund. Honor Marion today and help us continue the work to fulfill the greenway vision! After making a contribution, you will receive information on how to submit your birthday greeting message.

Donate Now to the Marion Stoddart Greenway Fund. You will receive instructions on how to submit your birthday message for Marion’s book when you receive your donation acknowledgement email. Messages need to be received by May 24th to guarantee inclusion in the birthday book.

If you prefer to mail your donation and greetings, please send them to:

Stoddart Greenway Fund
Nashua River Watershed Association
592 Main Street
Groton, MA 01450