Apr 162013

Barb Longfellow

Barb Longfellow

The Groton Senior Center is kicking off a series of Zumba Gold dance exercise classes on Thursday, April 18, led by certified instructor Barb Longfellow.

“I started taking Zumba® classes about three years ago and fell in love with the music, the joy, and the workout,” she said. “After two years of taking classes, I decided I’d like to teach it also. I am a licensed Zumba® and Zumba Gold® instructor. This will be my first venture into teaching Gold, so we can all work it out together. I’ve been teaching regular Zumba classes since December and love it as much now as I did when I first started taking lessons.

I’m working on a fun playlist with music from around the world and some familiar tunes, as well, for this Gold class. There will be plenty of stretching and warming up your muscles, and there are always different levels of intensity available. I want everyone to feel comfortable, work at your own pace, and most of all have fun!”

According to the Longfellow, Zumba® Gold is geared towards the active older adult and addresses the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs specific to this population. It is also for those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle and who want to join the fitness-party for the first time. Longfellow teaches other classes from her Hollis, NH base.

“I would say, it’s a kinder, gentler Zumba! It’s less about fancy footwork and more about moving and stretching to a variety of rhythms. My list of songs currently includes ‘Calendar Girl,’ ‘Stand By Me,’ and ‘Jump in the Line’ (from a few years ago), as well as some of the Zumba® songs like ‘Boro Boro’ with a Bollywood flair and ‘Rumba En Moscú,’ which has a Russian folk dance feel.

My goal is to have fun and hopefully help anyone who just wants to keep moving. The class will be a work in progress, I’m sure. I’d like to take the time to break down the basics a little and assess the needs of the students. But again, this is not a dance class, but a fitness opportunity and as long as everyone is moving and happy and leaves with a smile, I will be smiling also.”

Please bring some water, wear comfortable, loose clothing, and sneakers. The class is held each Thursday from 5:00-5:45 p.m. and costs $5. For more information, contact the center at (978) 448-1170.